Birdbath visits

Many of these smaller birds were photographed in or near one of our bird baths. The camera was set up on a heavy 144 Manfrotto tripod in the kitchen. It normally was fitted with the 400mm lens (when we were expecting smaller birds, and either the 70-200 or 24-70 lens if we were looking at larger birds, or groups of larger birds.

We have roll-up bamboo blinds over the windows that hang down to within 200 - 300mm of the windowsill. The intention is to minimise the inside light level so that we tend not to be very visible for the birds. The camera looks through a 200mm gap, enabling me to sit comfortably with a coffee or cold drink (weather depending), with the remote release in my hand.

Occasionally when the small Red Browed Finches are feeding down in the grass, I need to manually focus, as the grass really confuses the auto focus on the Canon lenses.

The birdbath is mainly populated in the warmer months of the year.