This is the beginning of a set of landscapes shot around my home town of Strathalbyn.
Strathalbyn nestles right on the edge of the Adelaide Hills (also called the Mt Lofty Ranges). The land to the South East flattens right out, changing from Bluestone embedded hillsides to Limestone studded flats.

The plan is to drive out of town at various times of day (not necessarily early morning, or evening) with at least one camera. If only one camera, and the intention is to visit a new area, then the camera should be fitted with a wide zoom range lens (to test the water so to speak). On locating likely vantage points, and shooting a few exposures for each to determine what lens would be most suitable (final selection during post processing), the plan is to return with the correct high quality lens (either prime, or shorter zoom range Canon) to shoot in the most appropriate lighting.
The unusual inclusion of tele lenses in my landscape shooting arsenal is just because much of my shooting in the country is from the road, as it's often difficult to find who owns land, and trespassing on private land is not my style.
So far I'm seeing that the lighting direction is having a much greater effect than the choice of lens/camera, although when the initial images are blown up, there is a very obvious reduction in definition that is not really apparent in the Web displayed versions.

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