Lake Farina and surrounds

This is a series of images from the Lake Farina area, some 5Km North West of the Farina homestead, and on the Farina property.
It can only be accessed by prior appointment with management who are contactable at or (08) 8675 7790.

The terrain appears to be a mixture of a white quartz like material on the flats, with salt deposits becoming more common as the lake itself is approached. The (sometimes white), yellow and hues all the way through to purple are all a form of ochre - used by rage Australian Aborigines as a paint for ornaments and body painting.

Many of the hills also include a near black semi porous rock that adds a dramatic contrast when present with the white quartz and ochres.
When I visited, a number of small soaks fed very salty water down from the higher country to the lake bed, but the water rapidly disappeared after arriving.

Many of the above images were captured with a very long (960mm effective), stabilised lens which was on this trip, hand held (in quite blustery conditions. The long lens enabled me to photograph features that otherwise would have been impossible. Had I moved closer, I would have lost the elevation that was required for the captures. The use of this lens also explains the excessive shortening that is apparent in a number of the images.

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