The Railway

The images below were captured early in the 2013 restoration season. They show some of the work and procedures used during the delivery, and installation of the two donated railway cars. The crane and transport of the trucks, and all heavy machinery used during the procedure were all donated. The low loader, owned and driven by Jeff Fulwood came all the way from Queensland for the job. Jeff's wife Ros was also on site to lend a hand.

Farina railway
Tightening rail fishplate
Checking stock car
Preparation for scaffold
Preparation for timber removal
Erecting scaffold
partially restored stock car
Hopefully, we'll have some images from others during the next month or so to show the final state of the stock car when restoration is completed.
Connecting rals at Farina
Freight car in position
Painting stock car
Ejected rubbish
Rust removal from stock car
Fitting new timber to stock car
roofing timber frames complete